For Masters Athletes.


"Becoming precise in my diet and nutrition was the single biggest factor that led me to become 3x CrossFit Games Champion."
- Jason Grubb

With BOLDER Nutrition, you'll get 1:1 nutrition coaching with Jason Grubb, a 3x CrossFit Games Champion. You discover a fully customized-for-you formula to build muscle, increase performance, and lose unnecessary weight while being personally accountable to a 3x CrossFit Games Champion.

So if you're ready to get serious about your competitive CrossFit journey, sign up for BOLDER Nutrition today. It could be the final piece of the puzzle for your athletic performance.


  • Increase your overall performance and capacity across the board.
    • Including Gymnastics, Lifting, and Workouts/Metcons. 
  • Finally achieve the competitive performance you've always wanted, without starving.
  • Feel more confident in your training.
  • Sleep and recover more than you've ever experienced.
  • Get access to and advice from one of the highest level Masters Athletes in the CrossFit landscape.


  • Starting macro prescription designed by Jason personally for you!
  • Official weekly check-ins for accountability, progress measurement, and feedback.
  • Regular adjustments to ensure your diet is perfect for your life and training activities.
  • Access to Jason anytime with a 24 hour (and often much less) response time.