Jason Grubb CrossFit Games Champion
14 Minute Challenge

Join A Fitness Regimen Designed to Promote a Long Healthy Life.

Looking for simple, and incredibly effective fitness at home? Feel stronger and more focussed with carefully structured training from Jason Grubb
- 2019 CrossFit Games Masters Champion

Minimal Equipment and Full Home Gym Workouts Delivered Daily.

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Enjoy a new minimal equipment and full home gym workout every day, and avoid burnout with the support you need to build positive habits and live your best life.

Lose Weight Fast with Jason Grubb

Transformation Without Intimidation

Face it. We all get older. No one has control over the passage time. What you can control is how well you utilize that time.

If you choose to be sedentary, you will sacrifice functionality, vitality and quality of life. A good friend once stated that his greatest fear was living a long life without the basic functionality to enjoy it… requiring the support of others to perform basic daily tasks.

It is a choice, not a goal, to embrace a well-lived active life.


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My Life!

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Minimal Equipment Required. Full Gym Option Included.

All you need is a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, or gallon water bottles!

If you have more equipment - alternative workouts with more equipment are also provided!

The workouts are simple and creative, yet powerfully effective and incredibly challenging. 

You get comprehensive instruction including warm ups, minimal equipment workouts, full home gym workouts, cool downs, and even recovery day mobility and stretching.

Fitness Apps

Total Body Workouts

Balanced and challenging total body workouts. With a new workout every single day!

Minimal Gear & Efficient Time

In and out of your workout space in 45 minutes or less. Just a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells required. 

Full Home Gym Workouts

Maximize your garage gym with daily full home gym workouts. 

Minimal Cost & Minimal Hassle

Working out at home alleviates the decision fatigue you experience driving to the gym and trying to decide what to work on - all without breaking the bank!

Exclusive training by a former thick guy at 38 - turned CrossFit Games Champ at 43

Jason Grubb will get you to the next level of your fitness. Just starting? No problem. Seasoned athlete? No problem. You will get more lean and fit wherever you are on your journey.

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Bonus Content:
The Highway to Better Health - Exposed!

You'll also receive the 5 key nutrition shortcuts to my personal transformation for FREE


Frequently Asked Questions

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“I feel stronger & more secure... has changed my outlook on how to stay fit.”

David L.

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“I've never been somewhere where the trainer is as knowledgeable, engaged and safety focused.”

Jameson D.

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“... a good jump start to better health and fitness!”

Mark S.

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“Has made me feel overall more healthy.”

Berk W.

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“I feel better—stronger & more fit. My clothes fit better. I feel rejuvenated after my workouts. I am happier.”

Lisa R.

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“Helped me regain my confidence. Helped me make strides… I never thought were possible.”

Jason E.

Get Leaner and More Fit At Home

Homework: Train At Home Every Day

Get 7 Days FREE
Then $37 Per Month
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