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Get Bolder, Not Older.

Join My Fitness Regimen Designed for 35+ Year-Olds to Promote a Long, Healthy, & Active Life.

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†Results vary depending on starting point, goals and effort. 

Rewriting The Rules of Aging.

Face it. We all get older. No one has control over the passage time. What you can control is how well you utilize that time.

If you choose to be sedentary, you will sacrifice functionality, vitality and quality of life. A good friend once stated that his greatest fear was living a long life without the basic functionality to enjoy it… requiring the support of others to perform basic daily tasks.

It is a choice, not a goal, to embrace a well-lived active life. 

It's never too late to rewrite your future. 

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The Benefits of Jason Grubb Fitness are Ageless
Real Results, Proven Techniques & An Expert Coach In Your Corner

Admittedly, effective fitness can look daunting. Buffed out young bodies with barbells, dumbbells, scaling ropes. Forget it.

While I utilize the same principles that are proven to work for elite athletes - varied functional movements at short but high intensity - all movements are modified to match the physical and psychological capabilities of 35+ year-old athletes who FEEL they're not getting any younger.

Yes, when you join Jason Grubb Fitness, you are considered an athlete. You are still doing elite fitness. Just safely scaled to your unique abilities.

Which means, you will quickly gain flexibility, endurance strength, tone muscle and lose weight.

My clients often tell me they are healthier and in better shape than when they were in their thirties. 

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Progressive & Effective Training
At Home Or The Gym.

Discover how training designed for you makes achieving your goals not just possible but inevitable.

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Calculated & Personalized Nutrition

See how personalized nutrition can be transformative and sustainable.

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Daily Coaching Videos To Keep You On Track

Experience proven techniques, accountability, and an expert coach in your corner every step.

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Real Results

Join the hundreds of men and women who have followed my plan and achieved life-changing results. 

What My Clients Say:

Fitness with Jason Grubb

Bill D.

Age: 54

When my daughter and I hit a volleyball back and forth, inevitably I have to chase an errant ball down the street. I'm now able to either stop it before it gets away or run it down without getting winded and wanting to double over or quit. The same goes for when my dog wants me to chase him around the yard. It may not sound like a big deal, but a month ago that wouldn't have happened. Now I'm not quitting on either one of them, or me. So, thanks!

Fitness Transformation Jason Grubb

Donnie B.

Age: 35

It’s made my life better in more ways than could ever be explained. The day I met with Jason to talk about joining I was a very unhealthy 260 pound 30 year old. I’ve become much healthier and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and there’s lots of room to improve. I had old injuries from years of playing football that I thought were just a part of my life forever. Through working on mobility and building strength I no longer hurt and the old injuries no longer haunt me everyday.

Weight Loss Jason Grubb

Luke O.

Age: 49

I’ve been super impressed by Jason and his program. Initially I thought I would get the same canned presentation everyone else got. I was very surprised that every week Jason records a personalized program just for me. Workouts have been tough but doable. Jason has been very responsive with any questions and it works!

Transformation Without Intimidation.

Can you be healthy, fit, and feel great over the age of 35? Yes, you can. I will provide appropriate workouts, for weight load, cardio limits, and agility that establish safe and efficient parameters. 

I'll show you how exercising with proper form will help avoid injuries not when you're working out, but in the street, at the market, on a bike, in any and all of the activities you pursue.

Together, we'll create a more bulletproof body so that you can do whatever you would like well into the future. 

I’ve taken great pains to make sure you don’t have any!

Soreness and pain are not the same. Pain is your body telling you its injured. I avoid that at all costs. Some soreness is good. It means you are working critical muscles that have been dormant for a while. I will make sure that you have the necessary time to recuperate between workouts.

In general, however, risk of injury increases as health and fitness decrease. The best protection against injury is not avoidance. It is training. Intelligent proven training.

You Got This!

Take the quiz (below) to discover the right program that will literally change your life for the better. I can introduce you to other 35+ year-old athletes who started at exactly the same place as you.

Of all the things I can teach you, the best lesson will be that you don't have to act or feel your age.

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†Results vary depending on starting point, goals and effort. 

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