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Face it. No one has control over the passage time. For many, a big concern is living a long life without the basic health and wellness to enjoy it. 

It's never too late to rewrite your future.

Find the right full body workout program for your busy lifestyle developed by CrossFit Champion and parent of 4, Jason Grubb. Free workouts, paid workout programs, and diet plans will help you get started today.

All programs come with a money-back guarantee!

Rewriting The Rules of Aging

The truth is, the most overlooked factor to building new habits is bridging the gap between what you want to do and the behavior.

If you're a busy adult or parent ready to finally take control of your health and energy, you're in the right place.

Jason Grubb

I was 38 when it all came together.
Overweight. Tired all the time. No energy.

Feeling like I was going to end up like everyone else in my family: struggling with obesity and low energy.

"Maybe it's just in my genes,” I thought. I had given up... but not without a fight.

That's when my life changed - dramatically.

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"Let me just say how deeply grateful I am for the way your training has improved my life! I really needed a good kick in the pants to get me in gear, and you provided that!"

Chris L. (Age 38)

"I've lost about 10lbs. ALL of it was body fat. I have also increased my muscle mass. Love the workouts. I was just telling my wife (after finishing today's workout) that the same workout 3 months ago, would have taken me twice as long."

James L. (Age 47)

"I love the workouts! I have broken below freakin 140.0 on the scale for literally the first time in 3 years 😳!!!! I have tried so many things and yours is the only program that has stuck for me. I think it helps that I really feel as though you actually care, so Thank you 🙏🏻"

Melanie L. (Age 54)

Ditch the Dadbod Challenge

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Everything you need to get fit over 35. If you're a busy adult or parent ready to finally take control of your health and energy, you're in the right place.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Jason's remarkable story proves that it is possible to break out from living an unhealthy lifestyle, verging on the edge of obesity and alcoholism, to standing on top of the podium and winning the CrossFit Games within five years.

Six years ago Jason Grubb was 37 years old, unfit, overweight, drinking at least three or four beers a night and classed himself almost an alcoholic. He ate mainly processed junk food including tons of ice cream, pizza and Doritos.

Jason genuinely believed that the DNA in his family meant he would follow along the pathway laid out by his parents of obesity, poor health and disease. He used to run three to five times a week and thought that was all he needed to do to lead a healthier life. That was until he changed his diet and fitness and turned himself around.

Along with being an elite athlete, Jason is a father of four kids aged between three and 21. He has an interesting career history working in human resources, as a high school teacher, recruiter, psychologist, wedding photographer, professional poker player, CrossFit Affiliate owner, and online fitness coach.

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The path to weight loss and feeing fit and healthy is paved with many full body workouts and healthy foods. No matter what your gender, creating better health and a shapelier body involves workout plans you enjoy, and doing them consistently.

Full Body Workout Plans
Discover workout plans that you will enjoy without committing to hours of wasted time in the gym. For some, it is best to start with bodyweight workouts, and others at home workouts with minimal equipment or weight training workouts are perfect for your busy lifestyle. Within a few sessions, you should start to feel and see a difference.

Healthy Diet
Diets are temporary. When they end the weight generally comes back. Change for good with the combination of workout programs and meal plans. Traditional diets give you restrictions and rules - personalized performance-based meal plans, nutrition advice and healthy recipes will make sure you're on track for your weight loss and fitness goals.

Having consistent social support has been shown to be a strong indicator of success in fitness programs, and may motivate you to show up when you were thinking of skipping out. Friend power, not willpower is the key. Get inspired and stay connected with the Jason Grubb Fitness VIP online community (included with every workout plan and healthy diet plan).

Online trainers, provides the the right workout program for your lifestyle. They provide workout plans and advice.

Jason takes it a giant step forward by provide everything you need to know about making progress on your fitness journey and getting results you can see and feel. He uses a variety of strategies including - full body workouts, weight loss strategies, meal plans and healthy recipes packs.

Additional essential support comes in the form of the Jason Grubb Fitness online community, regular personal checkins via phone or text, and full access to the Jason and his team.

Jason Grubb Fitness

You are fully protected by a 30 day money back guarantee*. If you don't believe the program is right for you just send an email and you'll be issued a prompt refund.

* The 30 day money back guarantee only applies to your first purchase (new customers) and cannot be used more than once. See here for full terms.

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