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Learn the secrets to transforming your body and life from out-of-shape to championship athlete - Jason Grubb.
2019 Crossfit Champion, Busy Dad and Online Trainer.


I was 38 when it all came together.


Tired all the time.

No energy, no life.

Feeling like I was going to end up like everyone else in my family: struggling with obesity and low energy.

"Maybe it's just in my genes," I thought.

I had given up.

But not without a fight...

In my early 30s, I tried running consistently. I ran an hour a day, every day.

But it turns out I couldn’t outrun my “eat what I want” lifestyle.

And it turns out, had I just invested in an online personal trainer (more on that below…) — I’d have gotten the results, the energy, and the LIFE I wanted.


Jason Grubb transformed his life from out-of-shape and overweight to Crossfit Champion as a busy working parent. 

I ate carbs with a side of more carbs… Can you relate? (It’s okay! This is a judgment-free zone!)

Sugary, carby cereal! Oh, and with toast!


STARVING! Can barely think! Hello PIZZA! And COOKIES for dessert!

(Just 3 hours later I was starving... These days? Hunger is non-existent!)


My one healthy habit - take a run. This was actually the highlight of my day.

(1 full hour per day - now I get BETTER RESULTS - in much less time!)


STARVING again. I’d reach for the chips and pretzels.

(When you’re starving all the time… it’s hard to make good eating decisions…)


The beers start rolling – 2-3 by the end of the night. More if a game was on and the neighbors came over.



A bowl or two of ice cream.

Sugar! AKA CARBS!!/p>

After every meal, my energy was up for a minute… then would crash…

Overall, I just had no energy for anything.


Then I looked at my 3-month-old child – my third child, in fact – and it hit me:

I’m a new dad again.

I need to be HEALTHY for my family.

I need to be FUNCTIONAL and ACTIVE.

I need to change.

That desire was stronger than the taste of pasta, ice cream, and beer.

I hit the drawing board. I desperately sought a way out of my energy-draining, unhealthy life.


That’s when I stumbled upon what I now call “Short-Burst, Rapid-Burn Workouts.”

All of my workouts are only short, simple, and effective (and no more than 30-40 minutes, with some under 14 minutes!) —

They are SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than anything else.

Remember: I used to run an hour a day!!

Now, I pack even more calorie-burning, muscle-building, body-slimming action into short full body workouts.

And yes – that is ONCE PER DAY! So with just 1 workout per day, and eating the right foods (which are DELICIOUS by the way!) — I changed my life.


My goal was simple: Uncover a healthy eating and fitness lifestyle that was DELICIOUS and SUSTAINABLE.

Food is very IMPORTANT to me. I need to ENJOY it.

A diet plan that took the joy out of eating — NO THANKS. I’d rather just not get fit.

I discovered something extremely, extremely simple — If I know exactly what to eat, and when to eat it... I don’t feel limited!

Eating whole 'real food' made me more satiated and full than all the carbs I could ever eat in my previous life.

I'm never starving. Ever. And I often have to set a reminder to eat.

And don’t get me wrong — I still eat carbs… I just eat healthy carbs that fuel my life and make me feel great.

Jason Grubb

Jason Grubb is a health and weight loss expert and the founder of Jason Grubb Fitness.

Jason helps busy adults & parents get and stay healthy for their families.

Jason holds multiple certificates training, gymnastics, and weightlifting, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and is a 2019 CrossFit Games Champion.

He’s most proud of the fact that he's helped hundreds of men and women across the US (and globally) lose weight and get healthy.


It doesn't matter if you are just starting your journey to be healthy or if you are aiming to be a top athlete, Jason will get behind you and keep you on track to whatever goals you have.

Donnie B. (Age 37)


I am very happy with my experience! All of my health markers improved. My doctor is impressed! Thanks Jason - for all of the help, support, and great workouts. This is a whole new level of fitness and can really improve anyone's strength and fitness levels. I lost 13.5lbs of fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Dean V. (Age 55)

Jason Grubb Fitness

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