48-Year-Old Elite CrossFit Athlete.
4x CrossFit Games Champion.

Athletic History

Age 38


Age 39

1 Year of
CrossFit Training

Age 40

1st Attempt to Qualify
For the CrossFit Games

Age 41

2nd Attempt to Qualify
For the CrossFit Games

Age 42

🥉 3rd Place (40-44)

2018 Reebok
CrossFit Games

Age 43

🥇 1st Place (40-44)

2019 Reebok
CrossFit Games

Age 44

🥈 2nd Place (40-44)

2020 Wodapalooza
CrossFit Festival

Age 45

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2020 Legends CrossFit Championship

Age 45

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2021 NoBull
CrossFit Games

Age 46

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2021 Legends CrossFit Championship

Age 46

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2022 Wodapalooza
CrossFit Festival

Age 46

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2022 NoBull
CrossFit Games

Age 47

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2022 Legends Championship

Age 47

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2023 Wodapalooza
CrossFit Festival

Age 47

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2023 NoBull
CrossFit Games

Age 47

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2023 Masters Fitness Championship

Age 48

🥇 1st Place (45-49)

2023 Legends Championship


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Jason Grubb

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I was 38 when it all came together.

I wasn't morbidly obese, but I was worried.

Tired all the time.

No energy for life.

Feeling like I was going to end up like everyone else in my family: struggling with obesity and low energy.

"Maybe it's just in my genes," I thought.

I had nearly given up.


I transformed my life from out-of-shape and overweight to Crossfit Champion while juggling all of the demands of work and life.

Back then... at age 38.

I ate carbs with a side of more carbs… and ran a few miles nearly every day to try to combat weight gain.


STARVING! Can barely think! Hello PIZZA! And COOKIES for dessert!

(Just 3 hours later I was starving... These days? Hunger is non-existent!)


My one healthy habit - take a run. This was actually the highlight of my day.

(1 full hour per day - now I get BETTER RESULTS - in much less time!)


STARVING again. I’d reach for the chips and pretzels.

(When you’re starving all the time… it’s hard to make good eating decisions…)


The beers start rolling – 2-3 by the end of the night. More if a game was on and the neighbors came over.



A bowl or two of ice cream.

Sugar! AKA CARBS!!/p>


Then I looked at my 3-month-old child – my third child, in fact – and it hit me:

I need to be HEALTHY.

Then a friend invited me to try a CrossFit Class.

I didn't want to go.

I didn't think I needed it.



That’s when I stumbled onto CrossFit & a healthy eating lifestyle. 

And that one moment, that one class, changed the trajectory of my life.

I loved the short and intense workouts. I loved feeling wiped out at the end of a session. I started training 5 days a week immediately.

I didn't transform overnight. In fact, it was months before I noticed any change in my body. I just knew that there were other dudes in the class that were older, thicker, and way more fit than me and I needed that to change.



Then... I started getting better, stronger, faster. 

I started eating for my goals. 

Consistency was my key.

In 2014, I tried a local competition and DIDN'T get dead last. I took 6th out of about 100.

I was hooked.

In 2016, I hoped to qualify for the Games as a 40-year-old. I missed the mark (by a long shot).

I tried again at 41-years-old and missed qualifying by over 20 places.

Finally... at age 42, I made it.

Dream come true.

I love the training.


I love battling on the competition floor.


I love this sport.

Jason Grubb

For men and women over 35.

Jason holds multiple certificates in CrossFit training, gymnastics, weightlifting, and a Masters's Degree in Counseling Psychology.

He’s most proud of the fact that he's helped hundreds of men and women across the US (and globally) lose weight, get healthy, and achieve their incredible goals. 

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