Jason Grubb CrossFit Games Champion

Want to look and feel like a superhero in the next 12 weeks?

Getting in shape takes time, quality workouts, dedication, smart nutrition, and at least 12 weeks.

That's it. No magic pill. No secret workouts. Just real training, real effort, and real results.

Get My 12 Week Intensive Transformation

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What's Inside?
Real Results, Proven Techniques & An Expert Coach In Your Corner

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12 Weeks Of Progressive At Home Training

Experience how training designed for you and your goals makes achieving your results not just possible but inevitable.

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Calculated & Personalized Nutrition

See how personalized, calculated nutrition and optimized macros release the breaks on your progress.

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Daily Coaching Videos To Keep You On Track

Discover proven techniques, accountability, and expert coaching your corner for every step.

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Real Results

I have worked with hundreds of men (and women) over the years building a reputation of life-changing results.

What My Clients Say:

Fitness With Jason Grubb

Justin & Erica.
Age: 34

We wanted to change our lifestyle and be healthier. Once we started, we were hooked. We want to bring up our daughter in a healthy home and teach her healthy habits and work ethic. We both did sports in high school and college but struggled to find something as adults until we discovered this. It just fits! 

Fitness At Home Online

Donnie B.
Age: 35

It’s made my life better in more ways than could ever be explained. The day I met with Jason to talk about starting I was a very unhealthy 260 pound 30 year old. I’ve become much healthier and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and there’s lots of room to improve. I had old injuries from years of playing football that I thought were just a part of my life forever. Through working on mobility and building strength I no longer hurt and the old injuries no longer haunt me everyday.

Fitness for Anyone At Home

Pete W.
Age: 42

What an experience! Thank you Jason. Your inspiration and energy is contagious. So glad I started working with you. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

About Me:
Thick Guy At Age 38, Fit Guy At Age 39, CrossFit Games Champion at Age 43. 

My diet consisted mostly of carbs, sweets, and beer.

I tried running… a lot… but I could not outrun my eat-what-I-want lifestyle.

I felt old and defeated when I had to increase my pant size yet again. “Maybe it’s just my genes,” I thought.

Then, at age 38, I looked at my baby boy who was only 3 months old and knew changes had to be made or I may not be around for him in another 20-30 years.

That is when I discovered the simple truths related to health, fitness, and longevity... And transformed my life.

Unlocking these truths helped me rewrite my future, a future that would eventually include becoming a CrossFit Games Champion.

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†Results vary depending on starting point, goals and effort. 

All 12-Week Online
Personal Training Plans Include:

12 Weeks of Progressive Training.

  • Exercises selected based on ability, preference & access to equipment.
  • Every training session and plan is designed for you and your ability.
  • Training designed to fit your schedule.

A Calculated & Personalized Nutrition Plan.

  • Calories, macros and recipes calculated and created for you based on your eating preferences.
  • Adjusted weekly (if needed).

Daily Coaching Videos To Keep You On Track.

Weekly Check-ins & Feedback.

Monthly Reviews & Regular Adaptations.

Technique & Proper Movement Review For Safety And Optimal Health.

Minimal Equipment
12-Week Training Plan


One-Time Investment

  • Requires Only A Pair of Dumbbells or Kettlebells. No Other Equipment Necessary.
  • Full At Home Workouts.
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Home Gym
12-Week Training Plan


One-Time Investment

  • Requires Barbell, Weights, Pull Up Bar, Squat Rack, & Dumbbells or Kettlebells.
  • Full Home Gym Workouts.
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Fully Custom
12-Week Training Plan


Payment Plans Available

  • Fully Customized Training Plan Based On Whatever Gear You Have Available To You.
  • Personal Training For Any Location.
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“It has made me feel overall more healthy.” 

Burk W.
(Age: 57)

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“I feel better—stronger & more fit. My clothes fit better. I feel rejuvenated after my workouts. I am happier.” 

Lisa R.
(Age: 52)

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"Jason has helped me regain my confidence, helped me make strides… I never thought were possible."

Jason E.
(Age: 43)

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“I feel stronger & more secure... has changed my outlook on how to stay fit.” 

David L.
(Age: 41)

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“I've never had a trainer as knowledgeable, engaged and safety focused.” 

Jameson D.
(Age: 37)

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"(This has been)... a great jump start to better health and fitness!"

Mark S.
(Age: 49)

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