A Beginner's 12 Week Program


Your best days are ahead of you!


Designed for men and women aged 35+

You will be lighter, more fit, feeling healthy, and ready for more or your money back (no questions asked)


  • Be READY for any activity (the gym, CrossFit, any fitness program)!
    • Reduce your risk of injury.
    • Master all of the movements essential for fitness.
    • Finally, realize your best years are ahead.
    • Feel more confident in your own skin even without a shirt on.
  • Finally understand how you should eat to get the results you want.
    • Stop yo-yo dieting permanently.
    • Never feel hungry again.
    • Eat the foods you want.
  • Enjoy lifetime access.


  • 12 Week Training Program designed for men and women over 35 to increase in lean muscle, joint mobility, and core strength. (in other words, become bulletproof)
    • No equipment necessary for the first 6 weeks.
    • The second 6 weeks utilizes a pair of dumbbells - 25lb dumbbells recommended.
  • BONUS #1: The “Never Fall Off” Accountability and Habit Change System. ($99 value)
  • BONUS #2: Jason Grubb's "Personal Success Hacks" ($189 value)
    • How to stay motivated.
    • How to double your results with no extra effort.
    • Mastering the basics of eating.
    • How to shop and meal plan the easy way.
    • How to eat well while having a family.
    • How to eat out.
    • How to control hunger like never before.
    • How to make results permanent.
  • BONUS #3: The "Never Hungry" Diet Plan for maximum results. ($249 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Weekly Zoom Calls (recorded for replay) with Jason Grubb, 3x CrossFit Games Champion. ($399 Value Per Month)



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