How To Walk on Your Hands | Progression 4 | "Balance and Walking"

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The 4th step in developing your handstand walking skills is practicing balance and progressively further handstand walks!

1. Start to balance with wall assistance - It is time to start training your central nervous system to balance without leaning heavily on the wall. See two progressions in the video for developing balance with just a little assistance from the wall.

2. Take your first steps. Starting just 12-18 inches from the wall, kick up with enough momentum that you would typically fall over in the handstand - and instead, take a step or two with your hands. Then you'll be touching the wall with your back/feet.

3. Take more steps. Move further and further away from the wall and kick up and take steps towards the wall - it's just that simple.

Over time, with consistent practice, you will start to walk on your hands. To make handstand walking more efficient, think about keeping your head tucked, looking through your eyebrows at the floor. This will keep you in a more stacked position (as if you were holding a barbell or dumbbells overhead). Keep your tummy tight, legs straight and together, and you will move with efficiency and plenty of control.

Watch the full video to get a handful of suggested workouts that will help you practice this fun movement!


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